5 Lessons a Terrorist Attack Taught Me about Business Crisis Management

1983 was a year I will never forget. I was a Navy lieutenant running a military radio/TV station in Beirut, Lebanon when the unthinkable happened – a suicide bomber crashed his vehicle, loaded with explosives, into a building at the Beirut airport housing Marines that were part of a multinational peacekeeping force, killing 241 people.. read more →

Ingenuity Meets Sustainability: How a new web page kick-started Custom Cutlery’s brand expansion

Custom Cutlery, Inc. is known for ingenuity. A young California based startup, they invented and patented a unique hinge/locking mechanism for foldable spoons sold in grocery stores worldwide. Known for their resourcefulness and ability to quickly turn and design custom flatware solutions, Custom Cutlery needed to expand their niche, acquire new clients, and find a.. read more →

Hitting Paydirt. The 3 Strategies the Solon Chamber of Commerce used to develop a Compelling Communication Plan

Sometimes the best way to understand key communication practices is to look at how other organizations manage their marketing plans. In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at an organization close to my heart – The Solon Chamber of Commerce, and how BCSI helped them create compelling communication pieces to achieve a key objective. About.. read more →

You Suck. Three proven ways to rebrand your image

You’ve been suspecting it for a long time. Sales are soft. Your customers avoid you at networking events. Your social media posts get zero clicks. Your brand just doesn’t have the sizzle it used to. What do you do when you finally realize that things have to change or ELSE? Consider using these three steps.. read more →

Swim with the Sharks. 5 questions to ask before hiring a Marketing Communications Professional

5 Important Questions to ask any Marketing or PR Agency before you actually hire a marketing or advertising agency. read more →

Marketing media matters but content is king

We all know the conundrum of the car-chasing dog. Supposing the dog ever catches up with one… then what? Even the most pedigreed purebred doesn’t have a plan to deal with such a “success.” read more →

Measure your marketing – it’s not the 1870s anymore!

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.” read more →

In good times or bad, doing nothing should never be an option

There’s never been a shortage of reasons to avoid marketing. Among the most common: Business is bad – we can’t afford marketing. Business is good – we don’t need help. My company is a dominant player – customers will always find us. My company is too small – we don’t have time for marketing. read more →

PolymerOhio, Business Communication Solutions Sign Marketing Agreement

PolymerOhio, an Ohio Edison Technology Center focused on enhancing the Ohio polymer industry’s global competitiveness and growth, and Business Communications Solutions (BCSI), a leading Solon, Ohio-based marketing and communications firm, today signed a marketing agreement… read more →